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Studio headshot in Fort Worth, TX

Do you need a business headshot? Business portrait? Perhaps your on-line portrait is dated, or doesn’t portray quite the professional look that you’d prefer to convey. Sure, you could go outside in the TX heat/cold/wind with a suit and create a new image, or visit a local that provides a professional background, without the climate […]

Response to an article about raising money smart kids.

– One thing missing in the article is teaching your kids the differences between assets and liabilities. That seems to be a huge issue for those who stay in poverty. Most people in poverty have no vision for their long-term future. Life is about today and this week. They waste money on a car (liability) […]

Should photographers and other businesses use “” for marketing?

What businesses and individuals need to know about the “” website. Small businesses seem to have a love-hate relationship with the website “”. Some love the site, and claim that it has increased their business greatly. Others swear that they’d never use it again, and that it was a huge waste of money. This blog […]

Online photo ideas for your photographer?

More and more photographers are growing to despise “Pintrest” as well as other online photo sites. A seasoned pro, with dozens or even hundreds of weddings under their belt has developed a certain style. Many times the photographer’s “look” is recognizable to other photographers and even clients. They know that path well. They get into […]

Bell Tower Chapel Ft. Worth wedding

I recently photographed a couple whose wedding was at the Bell Tower Chapel in Ft. Worth. Though in September, the weather relented, and it was a gorgeous day. Guests traveled in from TN, LA, Dallas, Houston, and beyond. The couple decided to have all their formal photos created prior to the ceremony, allowing them to […]

Wedding Photography packages- Include CD?

Wedding photography packages in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. If you are a prospective bride or groom looking for a wedding photographer in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, you have lots of options. Style, price, and packages vary from photographer to photographer. Many brides today are looking for a “shoot and burn” photographer. That is […]

Blog Changes!!!

I am not a natural blogger. I really don’t “get it” in some ways. But, I also see the necessity to keep the blog active and chugging along. I also don’t like this template. Never have. But I’ve been trying to work on the photographic part of the business that i really enjoy, not the […]

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