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Response to an article about raising money smart kids.

– One thing missing in the article is teaching your kids the differences between assets and liabilities. That seems to be a huge issue for those who stay in poverty. Most people in poverty have no vision for their long-term future. Life is about today and this week. They waste money on a car (liability) […]

Bell Tower Chapel Ft. Worth wedding

I recently photographed a couple whose wedding was at the Bell Tower Chapel in Ft. Worth. Though in September, the weather relented, and it was a gorgeous day. Guests traveled in from TN, LA, Dallas, Houston, and beyond. The couple decided to have all their formal photos created prior to the ceremony, allowing them to […]

Wedding Photography packages- Include CD?

Wedding photography packages in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. If you are a prospective bride or groom looking for a wedding photographer in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, you have lots of options. Style, price, and packages vary from photographer to photographer. Many brides today are looking for a “shoot and burn” photographer. That is […]

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