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Nikon D800 vs. Hasselblad HD4-40 vs. Leica S2 vs. Sigma SD1

Nikon D800 vs. Hasselblad HD4-40 vs. Leica S2 vs. Sigma SD1- When Nikon announced their new D800 with 36.3 Megapixels, it was said to compete with digital medium format cameras. A bold claim to be sure. Could they back it up? How would it hold up against the formidable competition of the Leica S2, and […]

Nikon D7000 color settings

Nikon D7000 Color Settings: What, Where, When, and Why What- Back when film roamed the earth, we had several options for achieving the best image possible for any given scene. One of the options we had was our choice of different brands and types of film. Different films had a different “flavor” or “look” to […]

Nikon D7000 video settings

Saw something interesting, and figured that I’d shoot some video of it. Shot with a Nikon D7000 at 1080 p, 50mm 1.8 lens shot at f5, and color was set at “Standard”. This is the raw footage, not edited except for length. D7000 standard This is the same scene more or less, but shot in […]

DFW Airport employee portraits

DFW Airport -Terminal D   Situated between the cities of Fort Worth and Dallas is the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. The airport is one of the largest in the world, and is home to American Airlines. Was contacted to create portraits of various employees at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport for their publications. Some of the portraits were […]

Nikon D7000 review

History- When Nikon debuted the D90, they showed that they had created a mid-level camera with very good video capabilities from a DSLR. The D90 features a 12.3-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor, and offers low-noise, high ISO performance. The D90’s video potential offers the capability to record smooth 24fps, movie clips in 720p HD. Still available, […]

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