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Port Angeles WA Engagement – Glenn and Jessica


Engagement Photos Port Angeles WA

Glenn and Jessica on the beach on P.A. (Port Angeles WA) Victoria Canada is in the background.

When Glenn and Jessica hired me to photograph their Port Angeles Wedding, I was quite excited. Yes, I got to travel to one of the most gorgeous places in the US. Yes, I got to create images of a couple who dearly love each other. But, one of the best parts was how open they were to my ideas. Every decent photographer can glance at a particular scene, and in their mind they will see the finished image. They will intuitively know where they need to be, what lens to use, what the finished composition will look like, where the couple needs to be, how the light will hit their faces, the necessary camera angle, the pose, the lighting, etc. It comes together in our mind, and all we need is a willing client.

Glenn and Rachel on a bluff in Port Angeles with Victoria BC in the background.

Glenn and Jessica the day before their Port Angeles wedding.

Glenn and Jessica were the willing couple that always make my job easy, and fun.

holding hands, Port Angeles engagement

One the way to our 2nd location

Port Angeles Engagement picture

Wind blowing, beach scene, beautiful couple


Glenn and Rachel 4446 famous photographer

Glenn and Jessica, walking on the beach. Laying on the rocks. Way to go!

Strait of Juan de Fuca in the background, (Salish Sea). This was not an easy shot for them. Laying down on the rocks, in just the right spot. But they did it! Love the shot! Thanks you guys.

Sepia tone engagement session

In love, and engaged for one last day.

So many locations, and all in walking distance from each other.

engagement portrait
One of my favorites!

 One of my favorites. Why?

This is one of my favorites for various reasons:

1. Lighting – soft, beautiful transition from diffused highlight to diffused shadow.

2. Expressions. No big smiles. I just asked them to think about a particular thing.

3. The engagement ring shows in the image.

4. Depth – foreground, subject, and background create an almost 3D effect.

5. Background – It’s pretty much gone, and doesn’t distract from the subject.

6. Closeness – This images reveals their closeness.

7. Looking off – It is as if they are looking into their future. Remember, this was the day prior to their wedding day.

Mountain background Port Angeles

Bonus shot- After the session officially ended

The Engagement session had come to an end. Photo equipment was packed away, and we headed out… Then I saw this tree farm, with the Olympic Mountains in the background, and knew I wanted one more. Okay, a few more…

Engagement session, Olympic Mountains, Port Angeles

 All photos and text- Copyright Richard K. Dalton 2012

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