Ambit Energy comes to California with discounts on natural gas, low rates!

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Ambit takes on California with discounts on natural gas, low rates!

Current Ambit rates for gas in California:

Ahorre dinero con su gas natural.

With energy deregulation in various states, residents now have a choice of who they use as their electricity and/or gas provider.  Just over 8 years ago, Ambit Energy began as a company offering low electricity rates for TX residents. Soon they were offering electric and/or gas in other markets such a Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.

Ambit Energy is now bringing discount gas rates to many parts of California. It all began with the Pacific Gas and Electric market launching on Sept 20, 2012.  Ambit Energy is now offering low natural gas rates in many of the major cities in the Northern California area such as San Francisco, Oakland, Fresno, and Sacramento. Ambit’s services will hopefully move to more areas in CA, and at some point will hopefully be offering cheap electricity as well as their discounted gas rates.

Natural Gas Rates for PG&E customers- *Effective Jan 13, 2017

cheap prices on natural gas and solar electricity in CA.

cheap prices on natural gas and solar electricity in CA.

Current Ambit rates for gas in California:



Ambit’s California natural gas service area.

Ahorre dinero con su gas natural.

Ambit California natural gas service area

Save money on your natural gas bill –

What does this mean for you California residents? Obviously it means cheaper rates on your natural gas bill, and who couldn’t use some extra money at the end of each month. But there is so much more to this news!

Income opportunity-

How would you like to make some extra income by helping your friends and family save some money? How would you like to earn “residual income” from a product people use every day without thinking about it? No products to stock in your garage. No product line to spend hours learning about. And no selling.

This is not sales.

Really, it is merely recommending a service that your friends and family are already using. No cost to try Ambit. The service remains exactly the same. The only thing that changes is the billing process, not anything at your home.

Many Ambit consultants make hundreds of dollars a month in residual income. Some make thousands, and even ten’s of thousands each month. Does this sound interesting? Right now, you can get in on the very ground floor of the California Ambit opportunity. It is so new, that they don’t have all the information published yet. However…

If you are even remotely interested in seeing more information in this once in a lifetime opportunity watch this video:

If you want to see just how low the prices are on natural gas when you use Ambit, go to this site:

Residual Income opportunity-

Let me talk briefly about “residual income”. When Elvis recorded a song, he was finished with that project. Yet he received residual income from that song for the rest of his life; and now his heirs receive that residual income. A day’s worth of work 50 years ago, and yet the income continues today. That is residual income.

How can you get residual income? “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki called network marketing, “The Business of the 21st Century?” *

Why?  Pretend your monthly expenses are $5,000. How much money would you need in an account to get to $5,000 per month in interest? You would need $750,000. (assuming an 8% return) Now let me ask you one question, and you can ask me one question…

My question to you- “How long would it take you to accumulate the $750,000 you need to be financially free?” Let’s face it, most people will never attain that goal.

Your question back to me should be – “Can I make $5,000 per month in residual income in Ambit?” Yes, you certainly can. Some people reach that level within 2-3 years. Some, in even less time. The more effort you put in, the more income you create for yourself. The less you work, the less you make.

What if your favorite coffee company gave you money for every referral you made to their brand? What if they also gave you money for the people who got referred from the people you referred? I bet you’d brag about your coffee company. Well, I hate to tell you, but I don’t think your coffee company is going to pay you for referrals. However, my energy company is paying me for referrals. They could give money to ad agencies, but they are instead giving it to their enthusiastic consultants.

For more information about working from your own home, and helping others save money, please visit-    or


*  – Robert Kiyosaki The Business Of The 21st Century – Network Marketing – MLM.


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