Another wedding photography scam!


Wedding photography Bell Tower Chapel, Fort Worth, TX

Wedding photography Bell Tower Chapel, Fort Worth, TX

Wedding photography scams come and go, and this one just hit my email box:
My name is Mike Jackson and my Fiance name is Susan Peter .We are planing to Have Our wedding in your city,the date of our wedding is on
March 14th 2013(Thursday). They are still working on the venue and as soon as the venue is ready i will let you know.I want to know if the date is available and i want you to give me your fee,we will be in  State on February 20th 2013  by then the contract will have been finished because am in New Zealand now for business.Looking forward to read from you soon.

New Wedding Photography scam email- Nov 2014

One more from Nov 2014- is person. Her/his first email was:

  Do you offer photography service? Are you presently in the States? Please tell me your location in the States and how do you charge.
  Thank you!

Sue Bunt “


Next one she sent me was:


Thanks for the quick response and I’m sorry if my
message came in late , i have been busy with other
arrangements and i hope you understand .Its really nice
reading from you and im glad to hear that you are available
for my wedding.I want you to know that this is a inside
wedding and the order of events will mail to you a week
before the
  wedding day but the order events is likely to be pictures
first, then the wedding ceremony , and then the reception
but let me discuss this with my lady because is our wedding
so our two has to make the decision together . I hope you
understand my point of view. I want you to know that we will
be taking formal pictures so i will like you to recommend
45minutes or an hour set aside for taking formal pictures
because we have large family from both my side and the bride
side and friends /co-workers we will want to take pictures
with . So it will be easier if we can take the pictures
before the ceremony because it will
  be more
relaxed with fewer time constraints and would like you to
set up a great “first look” shot of me looking at
my bride for the first time on the wedding day.

The wedding date is Dec 27,
Basically we need your service starting
from 12pm to 6pm .
We are
  expecting 250 guests i.e 200 adults and 50 children .

  And also there will be a
table place set for you at the reception , so you don’t
need to bring your own food but it will be nice if you can
just give me an hint of what kind of food you want us to
arrange for you i.e if you are vegetarian or eat all kind of
foods.Further more , there will be special important
parts/people at the ceremony or reception that i would want
you to take a picture of .I will send the list of the
important parts/people to you a week before the wedding day
and i want you to know that my wedding is a sleek modern
wedding. I need you to get back to me with your charges and
i will be paying you upfront , I just called my uncle who
will be in charge of your service fees he told me that your
payment will be paid to you via certified check so he has
asked me to ask for your full name and physical address with
zip code that you want the payment
  to be send to so as for me to secure your service for my
wedding party.

I’m currently on working on off shore and im using
impaired device ,so therefore i can only send message via
internet or send you an sms from my pinger. I will send you
the venue address once you agree to everything i stated
above and also waiting for the details to issue on the

    Will be expecting to read back from you with the info I have asked
for thanks so much and God bless.



Sooner or later I knew that she would promise to send me money, and that it would have enough for me and one other vendor/travel agent/wedding coordinator/?

Of course she’d want me to take out my part, and pass along the rest to some other person. Sure enough,

Here was her next email-

Hello Rick Dalton,
      how are you doing? I tired to call the phone number you give to me 2 times to explain the little mistake that my accountant did on the payment sent out to your address but you aren’t picking the phone so i decide to email you and let you know because you will be receiving the payment by early next week…………so keep an eye on it. There was a mixed up before the check was mailed out. The photography service fee and my travel expense was included in the check that was sent to you by mail to avoid the problem of splitting the check into two since you are in U.S. I want you to deduct your total cost price for photography service and send the balance to my travel agent that handles my Flight and Transport to the States to signed agreement form.    

Finally, let me know when you get the check, I am very sorry for the inconveniences caused for you sending the money down to the travel agent …I  WILL LIKE TO MAKE FULL payment.

I will be waiting for your reply to confirm you receive this message and kindly email me back with your valid cell phone number and better time to call you. Please look out for the check

Thank you!

NOTE: Please tell me your cell phone number.”



… Saga Continues…

Received the check yesterday. Took it to the bank and asked them to verify the check. A little homework on their part and, boom, My $3000 check is bogus. Of course the “bride” is turning up the heat with instructions on where to send the Western Union money. “Kiev, Ukraine”. To her travel agent. After all, she needs to fly to the US this weekend to make final arrangements. At this point I have taken one of their checks out of circulation, and cost them the price of a priority Fed-Ex shipment, and some time.


Some of you may be asking, “How do you know that this is a scam?” I’d rather not reveal too much, as the scammers may just tweak their scam. However, this is how they work.

1. Scammer sends your amount, plus extra money to you via bogus check, money order, certified check, (whatever). They give some reason for the extra amount they are sending you.

2. You deposit the money into your account.

3. Scammer turns up the heat, telling you to send the extra amount to their accomplice (in this case a “travel agent”).

4.  The extra amount has to be sent via someone like Western Union, that wires the money.

5. Of course they need you to do this quickly, before your bank determines that the scammer’s check is bogus.

6. Bank notifies you that the check is bad, and the amount you sent the accomplice is gone from your account. Nothing you can do about it.

I’ve heard of variations used on private music teachers, nannies, and other businesses.


©2014 Richard K. Dalton

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