Ambit Energy is now offering electricity to Maine residents!

Ambit Energy Electricity rates for residential Central Maine Power service territory.


 Ambit Energy is offering great electricity rates to customers in Maine.

You can now try Ambit Energy if you are in one of the following markets:

  • Central Maine Power Company

    Residential and Small Commercial Customers

  • Emera Maine (formerly Bangor Hydro)

    Residential and Small Commercial Customers

Electricity rates in Maine. Click link below for more information.

Electricity rates in Maine. Click link below for more information.

The current rates as of Jan 5, 2017:

Ambit Energy Electricity rates for residential Emera Maine (Bangor Hydro) service territory.

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Basic information about electricity and deregulation in Maine-

– If I  choose a new retail electricity supplier, will I see a change in reliability or service?
No! No matter who you choose, your local utility (Emera Maine or Central Maine Power) delivers the electricity to your home or business. They service the power lines, and are regulated by the Maine PUC, (Public Utility Commission). If you have any service issues, you still call your utility company.  Their contact phone number is on your electricity bill.

What changed with deregulation?

In effect, the major change is how you are billed. Suppliers now compete to offer you, the consumer a better energy rate. Prior to 2000, Maine residents received service from  their local utility company. Since Maine deregulated much of its electricity market, residents in deregulated services areas now have the ability to choose their electricity supplier. The new energy companies compete to provide homes and businesses better electricity rates than the default utility. So now many Maine residents have options and incentives, and can select from a variety of electricity plans and providers. You can choose a fixed or variable rate electricity plan, choose the length of your plan, and many include renewable power.

Can all Maine residents choose a new energy provider?

No, not all Maine residents can choose a different electricity supplier. Some are stuck with the default utility for their area. Electric cooperatives, or co-ops, are not restructured for deregulation. They are non-profit member-owned utilities that provide energy to their members only. The majority of Maine receives electricity service from either Emera Maine or Central Maine Power. More than 800,000 Maine residents receive service from one of these two major utility companies, which are now deregulated. The largest cities in Maine, including Portland, have the option to choose a new retail electricity supplier. Consumers have the ability to choose their electricity providers in both of these Maine service areas:

Emera Maine service area

Central Maine Power service area

Could I lose electricity when the switch occurs?

No. The only thing that changes is your electricity bill. Service will continue to your home or business during, and after the switch, with no interruptions.

What is “green energy”, and how does it relate to the new providers?

Green energy is generated from renewable sources like solar, wind, hydropower, etc. Almost 50% of Maine’s electricity generation comes from renewable sources, mostly from hydropower. Various electricity companies offer the choice of “green energy” plans.

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