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Wedding Photography Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, PlanoMore and more photographers are growing to despise “Pintrest” as well as other online photo sites. A seasoned pro, with dozens or even hundreds of weddings under their belt has developed a certain style. Many times the photographer’s “look” is recognizable to other photographers and even clients. They know that path well. They get into that groove and are like a race car driver in a familiar car, and on a familiar track. Giving your photographer two dozen photos to look at for ideas may not go over well with him/her. Some will get downright upset. As far as they’re concerned, you’ve just put the race car driver into an unfamiliar car on an unfamiliar track. Not only will they be hesitant on the day of your wedding, but they just might resent you for putting them on that track.

The last thing that an artist wants is to be micro-managed. Florists, photographers, musicians, etc. Let them do what they do best. You liked their work, so let them do it their way. Be careful about photo, “advice”. Some of the photos are candid images that are only available if that same thing happens again, with the same background and lighting, and if the photographer happens to have the correct lens and camera setup to get it. Candids generally look horrible if they are posed. Give your photographer a list of photos to be created, and he will miss the candids that actually represent your wedding.

If you really want the photographer to get some particular shots, be sure and tell him before you book him that you will be supplying him with photo ideas. The longer you wait to give him that info, the worse the situation can become. If the photographer has a policy of not working from the photos of other photographers, he/she may not be a good fit.

I just did a quick survey of professional photographers, and got some of their thoughts on Pintrest. Here are some quotes:
“Hate it”
“… Mixed feelings – she even brought printed photos from Pinterest to the pre- wedding meeting to give me and asked for the night time ‘umbrella’ shot (6 days after the longest day of the year when it’s not ‘night’ til after 11pm). But she’s also excited about the photos and that’s good. Will have to see how it goes!”
“I make sure our brides understand that not everything they see on pinterest can be reproduced in a “live wedding” setting, but what they choose to pin gives a very useful handle on their aesthetic (plus quite often they pepper their boards with our photos anyway)”

Do you want your photographer to do an amazing job? Share with him/her these magic words: “We will be on time, give you plenty of time, and are willing to do whatever you want to create amazing images like we’ve seen in your portfolio. Just do what you do best.” It’s totally okay to give general ideas like, “we want fun poses.” Or, “Get lots of candids and some traditional shots.” And them ask if they’d like to see some of the online photos that you really like. Just don’t expect exact representations, and don’t give them dozens to recreate.


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