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As a professional photographer, I buy and eventually sell photo gear on a fairly regular basis. When I buy, and I want new, I almost always buy locally. Price is about the same, and I can call them and get answers at the local photo mom and pop store, Arlington Camera.  This week was time to sell a camera. I decided to sell the camera on local Dallas Fort Worth Craigslist website. I wrote the ad, and hoped for the best. Sure enough, within 24 hours I had one, then two, and finally a third reply, all interested in my used Nikon camera with a brand new shutter.

Each potential buyer replied in an expected manner, and asked a question or two. I replied to each, and each of them responded back to me with some variation of a story about how they would like me to ship the item to the person. One would pay with Paypal, another a check, etc.

After some research, I found out that they all were scammers. Even the Paypal one. Suffice to say, Paypal isn’t the seller’s friend. Their policies can be exploited, and are on a regular basis. So, if you are contacted by one of these clowns, let them know that the circus already moved along, and they should as well.

Reception was at the incredible Fort Worth Club. The Fort Worth Club always does a great job on wedding receptions and any other event that I've photographed there.

Lots of fun!

Jacqualine Thomas <> Nov 16 at 11:07 PM

Message body

I appreciate your quick response sorry for late respond and i’m happy you are selling to me. I got your details and have forward it to my secretary, payment has been issued out to you and sent to you via UPS courier service. I will email you with the tracking number for confirmation on Tuesday morning. I will also like to let you know that shipping funds was included with your payment due to i might not be around once the payment arrive to you because am going to Las Vegas for my Wedding anniversary once the payment arrive you will go ahead and process the check then you will deduct the money for your item with additional $30 for your Gas and running around then you have the rest of the money send to my shipper via money gram then i will contact shipper to get ready to come over for pick up immediately. Let me if i can trust you in this transaction. Note you are not responsible for shipping as soon as you have the check and deposit it, my shipper will be coming over for pick up at your location. Hope to hear back from you soon and please go to craigslist and delete the posting today. Thanks

Thanks for your understanding

Here’s another-
From: Jen Calderon <>

Sent: Saturday, November 14, 2015 10:57 AM
Subject: Re: Item for sale! – $425

Alright..I’m sorry i don’t have a meet up schedule so I’ll be offering you $500 including shipping fee and am paying via PayPal..I’ll be glad if you accept my offer and get back to me with an invoice via PayPal to and i’ll process the fund immediately.

And the last one-

James Marcos <> Nov 14 at 1:33 AM
Message body
Okay thanks am offering you $500 including the shipping fee and insurance for the package to my Nephew as Wedding present gift come up soon lemme if you are okay with that so i can send the money upfront to you first thanks


These are scams. Craigslist is about face to face buying and selling. Any other method is risky, very risky. If you are a seller, it seems to work if you say, “No scammers” in your listing. I guess that they don’t waste their time on those folks.


The Craigslist scam continues-

Just for educational purposes, I followed up on one of these, and hope that a curious person would type in information in a search engine just to verify their situation. Here is her followup.


“Good morning xxxxx,
I am writing you to send you the tracking # as promised. Here is the UPS Tracking (abc123xxxxxxxx), you can track it on their website ( to confirm the time of delivery. You should deposit the check in your bank and it will clear within 24 hours. When you’ve pulled the money from your account, I want you to deduct your money and additional $30 I promised you for holding it for me and send the overage through Moneygram money transfer to my mover at any Cvs or Walmart store. I’ll appreciate it if you could send out the money to my mover and get back to me with the transfer details so that I can forward it to them and instruct him to come for the pick-up of all my items in your location including the item buying from you without any delay.
This is my shipper’s info you should send the remaining money through Moneygram money transfer:-
Receiver name : Ronda  Ridgeway
Address :     7954 Ambleside Way
               Lake Worth, FL 33467
Breakdown of Money to deduct and send to my mover: –
Cost of your item + Additional $30 for holding….
Once you’ve sent the remaining money to my mover you should get back to me with the following details on the Moneygram receipt you would be given: –
Sender’s name and address as you stated on the Moneygram receipt
Reference Number (8 digit code) on the receipt
Amount sent to my mover after deducting the Moneygram transfer charges from the remaining money you sent to my shipper.
When I receive this I will quickly forward it to her and instruct her to come for the pick-up immediately. You should deduct the Moneygram money transfer charges from the remaining money you will send to my mover.
Thank you for your business and trust. I look forward hearing from you as soon as you can.
Sincerely yours,

My thoughts-

Obviously a scam, for various reasons. I am not going to post the reasons, in the off chance that a scammer reads this and modifies their scam that is harder to recognize. BTW, the check should come today. I may take it to the bank and have them verify it. When I have in the past, they were able to determine that it was bogus. It will probably come home with me and will be added to my collection of scam checks/money orders. The earlier mentioned Paypal scam leaves me no mementos. I have used their time, used one of their bogus checks, made them pay UPS for the overnight delivery, and posted the thing here. It’s all that I can do to alert others, and have a little fun in the process.

Mountain background Port Angeles

Port Angeles Engagement session with Olympic Mountains in the background.


Update!- Received the money!

Got the check for $1990.85

UPS was notified. They really want to know when this happens. They will do far more than the police or FBI.

A Fidelity Investments check. Wonder how high it will bounce?


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