Excited about my electricity bill? Yes!

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Ambit Energy Free Electricity bill June 2016


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Who gets excited to see their electricity bill?

Me. Yes, I look forward to seeing my bill each month.

After some math, it was determined that for 2015, my DFW area TX electricity bill was just over $308. Yes, that is for a full year of electricity.

Solar? Wind? Geo-thermal? No.

Do I live in a small apartment? Not at all. (My home is 2400 square feet.)

Is my home uncomfortably hot in the summer and cool in the winter? No. Government subsidized? No.

For a north TX home, this is a huge savings. Many of my neighbors in the Dallas, Arlington, Plano, Irving, Fort Worth area will spend more in one summer month than I did for 2015. Now that I have a year of savings under my belt, I want to share this secret with others.

How can I get free electricity?

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How can I get free electricity?

How can I get free electricity?



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One Comment to "Excited about my electricity bill? Yes!"

  1. admin says:

    As an update on the Free electricity that I receive each month, The free energy keeps coming to our Dallas, Fort Worth home. The total we paid for 2016 was $205 and some change. Again, that is for the whole year of N. TX electricity.

    I should add that we use natural gas for our furnace, fireplace and our water heater. That is not provided via Ambit, though Ambit Energy does provide natural gas for states like CA, NY, etc.

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