Amy Smith Scam

Received an email today from an “Amy Smith”. It said,


How are you doing? Please i need a quick favor from you so kindly reply me as soon as you get this mail.

Await your soonest response.

Amy “

Okay, didn’t recognize the name, but thought, I don’t mind doing favors for my friends… so I asked what she needed. Her reply.

Glad you replied back, my cousin was diagnosed of Kidney disease and was transferred to a Surgical Hospital in Manila,Philippines to undergo Kidney transplant in order to save her life, the news of her illness got to me as an emergency so i had to quickly rush down here…Her health condition is not improving. I would have called you but my phone keeps displaying No signal due to bad network. Worst of all , the Doctor gave a 50/50 chance of survival if she is not operated ASAP. I have got only $3,700 left but the doctor has demanded for $6,550 cash deposit before carrying out a surgery on her, so i really need your assistance with the balance $2,850 as loan, I’ll reimburse you at my return.
I will really appreciate whatever amount you can come up with, if not all get back to me so I can send you my western union details since I cannot operate my bank account from here. I’ll advise on how to transfer it.

Let me know if you can be of help.

Thank you.

Now alarms and red lights are going off in my head.

I followed up and got this reply-

Thanks for your love and concern,…Below is the details for payments, I will appreciate if you can help me send the fund through Western Union and i will definitely refund you as soon as am back home.

Name: Amy Smith
Address: 1357 Masangkay St, Tondo, Manila, Metro
State: Manila
Country: Philippines

Kindly keep me posted as soon as you done with the transfer.

Please kindly put my cousin and I in your prayers..I’ll be waiting to read from you as soon as possible.

I owe you a lot.


So, if you get a similar email, let me know. Especially if you almost sent them the money, but did a search first.


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