Craigslist scammer

Like so many others, I recently listed an item for sale on

Didn’t take long to get an email response from a person who was interested and stated that they were out of town, but would like the item (site unseen?) Perhaps it was my amazing photos 😉

A check would be sent, and I was to deposit it at my bank, then the scammer would have me deposit the check which included extra money I was to give to the shipping company.

For various reasons I decided to play along, even though I was all but certain that it was a scam. Got a check, and decided to contact the business that wrote the check. Turned out that the company check was bogus, and that I had received one of several hundred bogus checks used to scam people. The bank was also contacted, and they said that the check was indeed fraudulent.

The scammer sent me text messages from 469-270-8689, and they kept up the scam, instructing me to deposit the check quickly, and let him know that it was deposited so he could have the moving company get the merchandise.

I haven’t let the scammer know that the scam has been discovered, and his game is over. The scammer called me at one point, and it became clear that he is a male with a caribbean accent.

Beware the scammers.




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