Bridal portraits (photos) at the Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens

Bridal photography at the Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens. No question that the Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens is a favorite for brides in the Fort Worth and Tarrant County area. Let me extend that to brides as far away as Dallas, Denton, as well as Johnson and Hood County. Lots of room. Lots of photo options […]

High School Senior photos- 1/2 price sale

Hey Seniors! I kinda feel sorry for you all. Your school made you get your senior portraits at the very beginning of the school year. For some schools like Fort Worth Country Day, and Trinity Valley School, the deadline for senior photos was weeks after beginning your senior year. Have you changed a bit since […]

Botanic Gardens of Fort Worth, lizard photo

Was doing a High School Senior photography portrait session at the Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens, and this little guy came out to watch. I tried my best jokes, but he simply wouldn’t smile. He did do this little “inflate the neck” thing though. When he did, I was fortunate to be ready for a quick […]

Engagement session

What a fun time! We went to several places around Fort Worth, including the place they met, “8.0” in Sundance Square. Our original plan had to be scrubbed, but we switched to “plan B” and had a blast. (At least I did) It would be tempting to show a few out-takes, because they are quite […]

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